My thoughts on the new Peter Jackson-Movie “Mortal Engines”

Honestly, movies are something that I really love.

But going to a cinema/movie theatre is something that I don`t really like – because the seats are often too soft for me (sounds ridiculous, but that`s the way it is), so in the past I often fell asleep during screening. And it was not any movie`s fault 😉
But last monday I did it:
I went to the cinema (and luckily the seat was not too soft) – and I can`t remember when it was the last time I went to cinema till this day. Maybe it was Peter Jackson´s “Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King”.

By the way “Peter Jackson”:

Yes, it is the new Peter Jackson-movie “Mortal Engines” that made me go to cinema. And for those who don`t know so far, the director of this movie is Christian Rivers. Mr. Jackson is producer and co-writer of this film.
The last 12 months after seeing the first teaser and later the trailers, I got more and more interested in this story. I haven`t read yet the books (written by Philip Reeve), but I will do this.
So after reading so many bad reviews and critiques about “Mortal Engines”, I was in the mood for watching this in cinema and to form my own opinion about it.

The first teaser:

I don`t want to write much about the movie, so in short (without spoilers!):
I really, really enjoyed it! And I want to watch this again & again & again & again…!
– a loud and quickly movie
– funny and a funride
– great set design
– great visual production design
– Movie is the first book of Philip Reeve`s 4 books (and it derserves to make a  franchise of it)
– great actors

The weakness of  “Mortal Engines”:
– rather weak dialogues (made me a bit smiling, because the structure reminded me of teenager-movies in the 1980s)
– weak character-painting (but every character is interesting, so I want to know & see more of them)
– film-editing is often too quick (so it`s not really possible to immerse yourself  in this stunning future steampunk world, characters, story & the great visuals – maybe there`s a chance for an extended version?)
– movie runtime is much too short! It was 128 minutes, I think, and it did not feel like 2 hours.

I give this movie 9 of 10 points/stars.

Dear Universal, dear Peter Jackson, dear Christian Rivers!

So please, please make a huge and very, very long extended version of this movie! This story deserves it!

And please, please, please make the sequel “Predator`s Gold”. I think there is a chance to make the second “Mortal Engines”-movie better – and if it has to be an overlength film. No matter! Do it, please!


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Cute descendants of the dinosaurs

Some footage of budgies, cockatiels/parakeets and rosy-faced lovebirds at Alternative Bear Park in Worbis (Germany).

Visitors can enter this big aviary and enjoy the many vivacious flying, playing and singing birds. It`s a very nice place!

We visited this bear park at the beginning of autumn, so it was not yet too cold  for the birds to enjoy the last warming sunrays.

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Just some micromounts/small crystals glittering in glare of the autumn sun

A couple of weeks ago I tested my new video camera for close-up views on micromounts and small crystals. The bright sunshine through the window gave me a good opportunity for recording some minerals. This is the first footage:

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Göttingen (Germany), July 27th, 2018 – Images

And one more short videoclip of it.

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Göttingen, July 27th 2018

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Have You ever seen a yawning frog?

So cute and adorable!

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Made a long break here on WordPress…

…And now Hello again!

So good and happy to see so many faithful followers have stayed “following”! 🙂

Thank you very, very much!!

This year I want to start being more active here on WP again. For the first, I will share a couple of video clips I have made the last months, weeks & days.

The first clip is a very cuddly female cat (not to be confused with this male cat:  ), that I met 3 or 4 years ago for the first time, when she was young.

Since then I see her & and the male cat often again every year in springtime and summer:


And thank you all again for your faithfulness!

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Summer impressions (part 7): Master of Old Botanical Garden

cat3 copycat1 copycat4 copycat2 copy

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Making “Tarn”

What is “Tarn”? This is yarn made of shirt stripes. I`ve been pushing this off for a long time, but this weekend I´ve cleaned out my wardrobe. Maybe most women know this:

How is it possible that so many clothings accumulate? 😉

So I sorted out a lot of shirts, and now I “produce” this “Tarn” by myself. Curious about what I will crochet of this. 🙂

IMG_5535 copy

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Summer impressions (part 6): Between petals of a tulip

Late springtime: Found this little green spider spinning a web between the petals of a tulip.

spid1 copyspid2 copy

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