Laughing Triumvirate

I`m sorry, the small “backgroundstory”  about the little triumvirate from April, 5th took a little bit longer.

First I want to cite (in english translation)  stadtwald`s funny comment beneath my article from this day:

“I`m curious about it. I`ve had tipped, they`re laughing at someone, who has meant, springtime will come soon.”

Yes, this would have been a good background for this picture, because it was cold winter weather and no feeling of springtime anywhere when I sketched it… But it`s different.
01 Kopie

The first sketch simply was  a little “escape” from the big pictures I`m currently working on. Maybe some of You remember my article from December 14th, 2012 “Point by Point”:                                                        This picture is really a lot of work and takes a lot of time (much more than my other pictures), and that`s why I decided to try small quick sketches or comic sketches in between times. In this first sketch I wanted to try sketching a laughing boy. After finishing I noticed that it`s recognizable.

“Why only a laughing boy?” I thought by myself. So the second sketch became a laughing girl:
During skeching this girl I took a telephone call and 03 Kopiesomething happened that I have only  experienced  two times in my life: Drawing and crying at the same time… and the result  is/was productive and good. No, this is not a drama story (the telephone call)! Nobody had died and nothing absolutely horrible had happened.
But it was a very serious, unexpected conversation during I started to cry.

This moment I was so annoyed about my own tears, so I decided to sketch a third laughing character – just as an antivenom against sadness and tears. In Germany we say “Aller guten Dinge sind drei”, that means “all good things come in threes”.  And so it came…

02 KopieWhile sketching the girl and the third laughing character the conversation continued. Drenched in tears and stirred up I finished the girl and this third character.
And long time before the conversation had ended, I looked into three sketched laughing faces that are recognizable as laughing faces. Good medicine against tears – that dried after finishing this complete sketch.

Drawing and crying at the same time: This is something I had experienced during work on “All about Eve” and “Brooding Oviraptor”. But those two pictures are different stories…


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