A new picture draft

Normally I`m working on at least 3 pictures at the same time. If I don`t feel like working anymore on one picture, I continue working on the second or third draft and so on.
But what to do, when there`s no draft really wanting to work?
No, I don`t mean something like a “drawer`s block” . You pore and pore and pore over it, but it doesn`t work, till You recognize the following.
What to do, when:
– Velociraptors are on hunting
– Smilodon wants to sleep
– Styracosaurus hides in green brakes
– Pterygotus is not in the mood to do something
– and Giganotosaurus acts like a diva!
Yes, a new picture wants to be created! So it has to be! And now first scribbeling:
(Click on pictures to enlarge)


A snake?
Why not? For a long time not drawed a snake…
IMG_1721What else?
A cat? It`s just as well! I love cats.


And a woman? 
A woman!!?? After so many years a woman again!? Am I still able to do so?
Hmmmh, ok, I will try…
Three characters of the new picture:
IMG_1718Now start working! 😉

About Clarissa

Clarissa Ink Arts & Inkor Pank (by Clarissa Pohl) - Shirt-Label "Inkor Pank" - Ink Illustrations: Science and Fantasy - Paleo Arts and Illustrations - Dinosaurs and more I`m a small-scale entrepreneur, writer and illustrator (mostly Dinosaurs and Paleo Arts - it`s my precious, because I studied Geology and Paleontology). In my blog I show my works (or parts of it), my hobbies (Amigurumi and Crochet) and other things/pictures I`m interested in: Nature, Animals, Arts et cetera p.p.. Be invited!
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