There are footprints in the sand

Last weekend we visited the ruin of Cornberg Abbey and the appendant stone quarry.
The sandstone was exhausted to build up this abbey in the Middle Ages (1292 – 1296 a.C.).
You can see a funny sculpture in the entrance area, called “Cornberger Dackel” (english: “Dachshund of Cornberg”). Some people call it “Cornberger Löwe” (english: “Lion of Cornberg”).







What about this sculpture?
The Cornberg Sandstone contains a unique fossil record of footprints from Permian Ages.
The sandstone was formed about 250 million years ago, and You can find this special sandstone only in the Cornberg region. I don`t tell the whole formation history (although it`s very interesting), because this was a bit too long.
So for now, I want to show some pictures of small footprint exhibits in the exhibition rooms. Inside the quarry You can visit and see large rock beams with lots of footprints.
The “Dachshund of Cornberg” was a first reconstruction of  the animals that left these footprints, when nobody knew which animals had lived there.

But it was neither a dachshund nor a lion.


Several Therapsids (mammal-like reptiles), p.e. Pelycosaurs left these footprints.


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