Sometimes things don`t look very impressive…

…at first glance.
 But a closer look displays fascinating drawing techniques.
The following picture shows 3 book covers of a german languaged edition of Martha Grimes` “Inspector Jury”-Novels (publishing company: Rowohlt-Verlag GmbH, Germany).
Bild 013 copyThe cover illustrations are made by illustrator BRUCE MEEK.
Details of the covers (closeup view! I only made it to show the fine techniques of these illustrations!) :
Bild 012 copyBild 010 copyBild 009 copy
Maybe It`s looking easy to sketch or draw a picture this way, but that`s easier said than done!
2 years ago – inspired by this fascinating illustrations –  I made an attempt to sketch a picture this way with guache pencils, and this was the result:
IMG_2352 copyIMG_2354 copyIMG_2353 copy
Well, working with coloured pencils is not my nature.

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Clarissa Ink Arts & Inkor Pank (by Clarissa Pohl) - Shirt-Label "Inkor Pank" - Ink Illustrations: Science and Fantasy - Paleo Arts and Illustrations - Dinosaurs and more I`m a small-scale entrepreneur, writer and illustrator (mostly Dinosaurs and Paleo Arts - it`s my precious, because I studied Geology and Paleontology). In my blog I show my works (or parts of it), my hobbies (Amigurumi and Crochet) and other things/pictures I`m interested in: Nature, Animals, Arts et cetera p.p.. Be invited!
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2 Responses to Sometimes things don`t look very impressive…

  1. Fadenzauberei says:

    So schlimm sind Deine doch gar nicht! Ich finde die gut. Überlege mal: Bruce Meek zeichnet so schon lange…..und er hat es studiert 😉 Also, mach Deins nicht nieder, sondern übe einfach weiter 😉

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