Crochet Furniture / Armchair

…. and   “Barbie Is A Monster!”
Hmmh, I always thought Barbie is a doll!
But from the beginning:
 2 days ago I read this headline in a german magazine, wondering if I maybe need new glasses. But no! No new glasses necessary! 😉
So I read the complete article – fiddled away with this stupid article, really too stupid to tell about the content…
But as a fan of this doll, I digged up one of my  10cm – Mini – Barbies (“Monsters”):
IMG_2518 copy
OK, her arms are a bit bleached, because she`s decoratetd my car dashboard for several years. No matter!
IMG_2516 copy
Now Barbie and  friends are waiting for more crochet furniture and can`t wait for the first movie night together!
IMG_2513 copyMade this armchair a bit different from the free pattern. For those who are interested in this: You can find the pattern on Cobbler`s Cabin (Link is in my Blogroll).
(Copyright of the pattern: Carol Ballard)

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Clarissa Ink Arts & Inkor Pank (by Clarissa Pohl) - Shirt-Label "Inkor Pank" - Ink Illustrations: Science and Fantasy - Paleo Arts and Illustrations - Dinosaurs and more I`m a small-scale entrepreneur, writer and illustrator (mostly Dinosaurs and Paleo Arts - it`s my precious, because I studied Geology and Paleontology). In my blog I show my works (or parts of it), my hobbies (Amigurumi and Crochet) and other things/pictures I`m interested in: Nature, Animals, Arts et cetera p.p.. Be invited!
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