Baking Day

Right from the oven and hot:

IMG_2565 copy

Today this is my first time in baking (spelt) buns. It`s well done 😉



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Clarissa Ink Arts & Inkor Pank (by Clarissa Pohl) - Shirt-Label "Inkor Pank" - Ink Illustrations: Science and Fantasy - Paleo Arts and Illustrations - Dinosaurs and more I`m a small-scale entrepreneur, writer and illustrator (mostly Dinosaurs and Paleo Arts - it`s my precious, because I studied Geology and Paleontology). In my blog I show my works (or parts of it), my hobbies (Amigurumi and Crochet) and other things/pictures I`m interested in: Nature, Animals, Arts et cetera p.p.. Be invited!
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3 Responses to Baking Day

  1. Frau Grewchen says:

    wow. sehen perfekt aus 🙂
    ich musste eben sehr lachen, weil “buns” im amerikanischen englisch wohl auch pobacken heißt. 😀
    So oder so, deine brötchen sehen sehr lecker aus!

    • Inkor Pank says:

      Ja, bei dem Wort mußte ich auch lachen 😀
      Spontan hatte ich das Rezept aus dem Anne George-Buch vor meinem geistigen Auge (ich sage nur: Vulkanus-Popöchen…) 😉
      Die Brötchen sind gut geworden, habe nur etwas zuviel Salz genommen. Jetzt schmecken sie ein wenig wie Laugenbrötchen, also nichts für Marmelade.
      Und sie machen ganz schön satt!

  2. Inkor Pank says:

    After only one of these buns You are really full for a long time!
    I don`t post the recipe, because it`s not mine and I`ve made it a bit different from original. I`ve found it on a german website for recipes.
    Thank You very much to the anonymous user who published this simple recipe!

    Something about the word “buns”:
    Quite funny!
    It`s the correct translation (American English) for the german word “Brötchen”, but it`s maybe ambiguous, because “buns” even is a translation for “Pobacken” (bottom cheeks). 😉

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