Fight of the frogs

This afternoon I took a short break and went to Old Botanical Garden here in Göttingen – though we have hot temperatures here this week.
And it was worth it:
Could hear the frogs still from the street.
The young frogs in the small pond were relaxed:
Click on pictures to enlarge
IMG_2923 copyIMG_2926 copyIMG_2927 copy
But the adult frogs in the bigger ponds… there was “party” ;-).
They were fighting and they were very, very loud!
IMG_2933 copyIMG_2934 copyIMG_2935 copyIMG_2936 copyIMG_2937 copy
I couldn`t help, but looking at their fights I imagined a Mastodonsaurus giganteus (Middle and Upper Triassic; 247 – 201 million years ago) that had a length up to over 5 meters…
How loud could this ancient amphibian have been? 😉



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