Crochet & Amigurumi

Pictures are thumbnails.    Click on pictures to enlarge.

Crochet Cat:

IMG_1258 KopieIMG_1245IMG_1248IMG_1247
(copyright of the pattern: Monique Zühlke)
Pin Cushion:
kissen copy
Based on the free pattern by Monique Zühlke.
(copyright of the pattern: Monique Zühlke)
Crochet Goldfish:
2360 copyIMG_2358 copy2359 copy
(made on a free pattern inspired by the work of Erika Tricroche. Pattern by Aurélie MarieMad)
Crochet Cats:
amicat3 copyamicat1 copyamicat2 copy
IMG_1410 KopieIMG_1470IMG_1468IMG_1469
Made and based on free crochet pattern by Amy Gaines.
Crochet Cactus:
IMG_2245 copyIMG_2402 copyIMG_2404 copyIMG_2399 copy
Made on own first drafts.
Crochet Armchair:
IMG_2513 copyIMG_2516 copyIMG_2518 copy
Crochet Furniture:
Crocfurn1 copyCrocfurn2 copy
Both furniture are made/based on free crochet patterns by Carol Ballard (Cobbler`s Cabin).
Own drafts:
Crochet Gloves:
IMG_2500 copy
Crochet Winter Hat:
IMG_4300 copyIMG_4299 copyIMG_4289 copy
Crochet Summer Hat:
IMG_4533 copy
Crochet Doilies:
IMG_2468 copyIMG_1288
IMG_1324 KopieIMG_1323
Crochet Scarf:
Crochet Skull Bag:
Crochet Lampshade:
Crochet Kitchen Curtains:
IMG_2941 copyIMG_4254 copy

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