Comic Style & Quick Sketch

Click on pictures to enlarge

att Kopiethr Kopie

02 Kopie03 Kopie01 Kopie

IMG_0978 copyIMG_2302 copyIMG_2463 copyIMG_2536 copyWant copyIMG_2805a copy

IMG_2971 copyIMG_2971col copy

think copythinkcol copyFemorig copyWant2 copy

“Crying Boy”:

tear copytearcol copy

Original & digitally edited.
learnbw copylearn copy
Rose copyRosecol copy
ReadBW copyReadCol copy
SpaBW copySpacol copy
IMG_4082 copyIMG_4086 copy
kendbw copykendcol copy
“Mirror, Mirror!”:
IMG_4193 copyIMG_4193col copy
Just a small Christmas Sketch:
IMG_4263 copyIMG_4262colc

“Less… being worried”:

LeBW15 copyLe15col copy


sweetbw copySweetcol copy

“Kitten`s Dream”:

KittBW copyKittCol copy

 “Raptor`s Selfie”:

RapSelfbw copyRapselcol2


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