Summer impressions (part2): Hungry Bumble Bees

This summer I didn`t draw or sketch anything, because I was not in the best of health. In springtime I had so many ideas and inspirations, and I made so many smaller and bigger drafts – so I think, this work will start and continue soon again.

Meanwhile I will give You some summer impressions of a hot (and sometimes very stormy) summer – there were lots of bumble bees…

bum2 copybum1 copybum6 copybum3 copybum5 copybum12 copybum7 copy

And other ones:

bum8 copybum9 copy

Not every bumble bee or bee did survive the storms:

bum4 copybum11 copybum10 copy

And as a short video:

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Summer impressions (part 1): Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi)

Finally we found this beautiful spider in our garden. It`s a female wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi); the male spiders are much smaller.

IMG_5447 copyIMG_5480 copyIMG_5481 copyIMG_5486 copy

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Back again…

…after a longer, unexpected break.

My break was for health reasons, and I`m sorry for this.

Sorry, because I know that people sent emails to me that I didn`t answer until now – but I want to do this as soon as possible! I didn`t forget You! And I feel so guilty…

It´s early morning here in Germany, and autumn has come. So I want to give You a little summer impression – days were very hot! And the sparrows did it right. 😉

sp1 copysp2 copysp3 copy

And as a short video:    

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Jurassic World and Science in the Cinema

An interesting survey, even for non-scientists.

Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

This post is pretty much just an appeal. With a colleague of mine in the Queen Mary psychology department I’ve designed a survey about attitudes to science in sci-fi and other fiction films. The survey takes about 5 mins to complete and as an incentive there’s Amazon vouchers to be won (you can also complete the survey anonymously, though naturally then, you don’t get to be in the draw).

Please do go HERE and fill it in, and also please do share this as widely as possible and ping it to people who have seen the film. Obviously promoting it around I’m hitting lots of dino-fans and palaeo people and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m keen to reach a) more people generally, and b) more ‘non-experts’ / ‘general public’, so passing this on to friends, family, colleagues etc. is a huge deal for me.

Thanks a bunch!

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My first animated video with some of my comic and quick sketches

This week I`ve started to adventure Youtube and video production.

For those who are interested: You can find the link to my channel on my Gravatar.

Have a nice weekend!

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Crochet Cats

Two kittens for my dear sister. She wanted them in violet colour.

(copyright of free crochet pattern by Amy Gaines)

amicat1 copyamicat2 copyamicat3 copy

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A b(l)ackground for a real picture frame

Referring to my first Vlog:

Thank You very much for the frame, Papa!

Yes, my father gave me one of his frames, and this weekend I painted a black passepartout. No green in real life,  just black! 😀

During the “black painting” I gave thoughts to try painting with colours and paint-brushes…   😉                                                                                                            We`ll see, we`ll see!

bl1 copybl2 copy

Now this is the result with “CRYSTAL WAYS” inside the frame:

IMG_5028 copy

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