Poems & Poetry

This first poem is a ballad about an ichthyosaur.
A good friend found this and donated it to me some years ago, when I was working with ichthyosaurs.
Looking to the writer`s name (F. T. Vischer), you see it`s a very old ballad.
This second poem I received as a present by another friend who even wrote this poem.
Selfmade Poems:
Think1 copy
The next poem is part of an adventure story.   Some years ago two friends of mine hustled me to write a poem to the story , after they had read a first synopsis.

winter Kopie
Morning Dew:
Drops like small crystals
On green leaves.
Who`s left those graceful crystals there?
Maybe the fairies or a unicorn?
Or spirits of the forest?
IMG_4063 copy
Last Day Of Summer:
Bye Bye Summer Sun,
Tomorrow Morning You Will Rise
As Heavenly Body Of Autumn.
IMG_4037 copy
Autumn Has Come:
Early dawn.
The world is shrouded in fog.
It`s cold outside.
Remembering summer.
Winter Dawn:
IMG_4449 copy
Pal2 copy

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